You can have a complete zootechnical management of your farm on the web or in your hand. Reproductive, health and nutritional management closely monitored by: VIC, The Virtual Assistant.

Zootechnical Management
in the era of Agriculture 4.0

CowConnect offers a complete zootechnical management software for your farm. Through it, it is possible to keep control of everything that happens on your farm: inseminations, births, dry period, reproductive protocols and much more.

Agriculture 4.0

The Virtual Assistant to help you with daily routines.

VIC is the first virtual assistant in Agriculture, which doesn't let you forget those essential routines of your day to day.

VIC a Inteligência Artificial
Routine Notifications

VIC keeps the producer informed by guiding them on the farm's routine schedules: dry period, moving to pre-calving, programming protocols and much more.

Customizable Routines

VIC adapts to the reality of your farm, according to the frequency of cow handling, time and best days for handling the cattle. No disturbances at inopportune times.

Continuous Evolution

VIC is constantly learning and evolving about all the important farm routines.

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