Animal Monitoring

24/7 collars monitoring your cows, detection of estrus, health issues, herd behavior changes, nutritional and heat stress impacts in your hand.


How does CowMed Animal Monitoring work?

Through the collars developed by Cowmed, the producer monitors in real time the rumination, activity, idleness, cows panting and consumption peaks of your animals, confined or in the field, and receives in your hand estrus alerts, early warnings of health, calving alerts and warnings of dietary or management changes.

What is your profit with Cowmed?

We can help your farm achieve better results if you use 24h your system.

With animal monitoring through collars, it's as if each cow on the farm had its own employee, following the cow day to day and generating notifications for each animal that showed a different behavior during the last few hours.

In addition to monitoring the collars 24 hours a day, you also have the VIC, a virtual assistant to help you with routine farm tasks and your own account manager to monitor the implementation of the technology and guide the farm team. We are prepared to make all for you to reach the best results in your farm.

Animais sendo monitorados
  • Estrus detection and best time for AI
  • Early health alerts in 3 levels (Challenge, Observation and Severe)
  • Childbirth proximity alert
  • Precision nutrition
  • Batch monitoring
  • Transition monitoring
  • Farm management routines and much more...




Monitored Animals


Cow hours monitored

Practicality and Agility

Self-installable system, just need a electrical source and Wi-Fi at the main point.

The CowMed 24h Monitoring system can be easily installed by farm professionals, following CowMed's technical guidelines.

Animal monitorado
Easy Installation

The antennas already arrive at the producer pre-configured. Just plug it in, install the collars on the animals and that's it, your animals will be monitored.

Technical Guidance

Our professionals remotely monitor the entire installation process, providing all the guidelines on the day of installation and also in case of some technical problem.

Active Technical Support

CowMed's active Technical Support closely monitors the operation of each farm 24 hours a day, identifying possible instabilities in advance and informing the farm.


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